> Does FurEater fit my vacuum cleaner?

FurEater fits vacuum cleaners with tube size 32 and 35 mm, which is 9 out 10 models on the market. For the remaining models, there are third party adaptors available.

Click here to see which models fit the FurEater.

> How does FurEater work?

The patented design of the FurEater gently pulls hair of textiles and surfaces. If the FurEater is connected to a vacuum cleaner the hairs are removed into the vacuum cleaner. But the FurEater can also be used by hand eg. on clothes.

> I have a new EU approved vacuum cleaner with less effect than in the old days – can it work?

This is actually one of three reasons for developing FurEater - as EU regulated the vacuum cleaners to a lower Watt levels, it became even more difficult to remove pet hair - FurEater will help you even more on new vacuum cleaners with less power.

> Do I need to clean my FurEater?

Fureater should be washed regularly in lukewarm water to secure the friction in the slats. Leave out to dry.

> Is there a warranty and a guarantee?

FurEater is designed and built to last for many years. No need for replacement of any parts. In the event you are not satisfied with your FurEater, we offer you the possibility to return your FurEater back within 2 weeks after you bought it.

> Can I use FurEater without the vacuum cleaner?

Yes, this is possible. You FurEater will do a great job with or without the vacuum effect.

> Can I use the FurEater attachment on floors without carpets?

FurEater is developed for dragging hair and stubborn dirt out of textiles. The design is suitable for dragging – and not for moving forward and backwards as you normally do on floors. For that reason the FurEater is not your best choise for smooth floors.

> Where can I buy my FurEater?

We urge you to support our dealer network. A list of dealers in your neighborhood is available here.

> Can I bring my FurEater to the car wash?

Yes you can. The FurEater Car Wash Adapter lets you connect your FurEater – or any other Ø 35 mm attachment – to the car wash vacuum cleaner nozzle.

> I have horses – can I clean my saddle pad with the FurEater?

Sure you can. In fact, many horse owners use FurEater to take off hair before sending the pads for washing